Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lent 0 - Domestic Oubliette 1

I spent the afternoon snoozing on the sofa. Is that bad? I told the kids not to disturb me, so as a consequence they woke me up every five minutes.

Is it a good thing to doze while your children potter about? I must say I always think of Uiscebots story of burning the house down when he was a young chap anytime I take a little 'Mammy Break'. But hey, look how well Uisce turned out. I've probably not got much to worry about, when you think about it...really..

I have the sniffles you see. And I didn't sleep too well last night. And I've been out every second night for the past week. My poor delicate constitution can only take so much. A little sleep was all that stood between me and a 'leave the nine year old in charge of his little brother and sister and jumping on a flight to somewhere warm' tabloid storm.

And, shame of shames, we had pizza tonight. As heathen hubby said - 'On the first day of Lent? That's not very good.' Methinks he needs to check the definition of non-believer in the dictionary. Lent isn't like some alternative to Weight Watchers, or AA, handy and all that it is, what with its last hurrah on Pancake Tuesday and its 40 day plan...

But, I was just tooooooooo tired to get off the sofa and cook.

So, I'm sitting here, drinking some beer, eating some yummy dark chocolate and SWEARING I'll start again with my Lenten cause, tomorrow.

As long as I get a good nights sleep, that is. Otherwise anything could happen.


Titus said...

I do it too. In the same room as them, but I let them watch a DVD when I need a nap. A quiet, engrossing one. Like "Hellboy".
Bad parent? Never.
I love making plans for tomorrow. You know the rest.

Domestic Oub said...

Ah delighted to hear its not just me. And I like to think its a sort of SAS, readiness sleeping - ready to lept into action the minute one of them finds the bleach or matches say...I wonder if social services would buy that one?

Titus said...

I can tell with mine. It's when it goes too quiet that I start to stir...