Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Last Bus...

As usual, I'm late for the bus. But, I've made it eventually...

I came up with this poem while trying to get the whole number 5, then number 67, multiplied by the hours of sleep I'd had, divided by my real age... Thanks Niamh, my brain hurts...

Plastic Vows

Upstairs on the 66b
languid and lazy i gazed
a sign snagged my eye
It said - 'Plastic Wedding.'

I immediately imagined polymer nuptials
virgin Tina Tupperware betrothed
to studly Graham Guttering
A spluttering Reverend Bob Bakelite officiating
Polystyrene people sitting in pews
At the back,brooding Peter Polypropylene rues
the day he let that cute little lunchbox go

Vending cups confetti, tossed in the air
injection moulding -
the bridal bouquet Tina is holding.
the reception banquet a spread of inedible play food
plastic covered seats making every guests shuffle sound rude
wedding favours, in sandwich bags
(OK! magazine there to photograph the really plastic WAGs)

Tina and Graham, off hand in hand
wedded bliss, first kiss
A wipe clean wedding waltzing to the kazoo band.

(Of course it's a shame
that the sign really said
Plastic Welding instead.)


Niamh B said...

"the day he let that cute little lunchbox go" - so poignant, so beautiful - a romantic epic of poetic proportions...
Great stuff

Domestic Oub said...

thank you, yes, it is a moving epic of epic proportions... er, or something..

Titus said...

I once knew a Tina Ferrari, but she will now be replaced in my memory by the truly immortal Tina Tupperware. I loved the "cute little lunchbox" too, and also the "wedding favours, in sandwich bags".

Or maybe it was Tina Cortina?

Anonymous said...

very clever and very amusing, took an idea and really ran away with it. funny where a little mistake can take you. I always read the word 'shopfitting' as 'shoplifting':-)
thnaks for sharing

Peter Goulding said...

Oh very clever and very funny! And much more interesting than welding!

Domestic Oub said...

'Twas fun to write, thanks loyal commenters :)

Totalfeckineejit said...

Ever MONDAY, the bus leaves every MONDAY! Get it, Got it, good poem there old pal. Mucho funnio! Rev Bob Bakelite? Peter Polypropylene? Can yu really weld plastic?Do you now the next poetrybus is waiting for you here? .... POTRY BUS PURE FICTION STYLEE

Don't be late!