Saturday, May 26, 2012

Busy D'Oubs

 Too busy to blog! And even now, there's no time! So, in pictures, what the D'Oubs been doing!

With the Poetry Divas I (and family) went to the wonderfully pagan Festival of the Fires three weeks ago. I (but not family) had fun reading some of me pomes to the assembled throng. Well, semi-throng.

A carved bloke and my mostly happy kids.

 A Diva senior and a Diva junior. Only one of them is happy with the boa.

 Robbing the Heritage Tent sign. Delinquent.

The eponymous Fire.
Cool carvedy bloke.

So, what else did we get up to? Well, we had a visit with the Speech Therapist. It was a great week for talking for the D'Oubs. Two out of the four kids were forcibly ejected from the care of the community speech Therapists. A.k.a - they're fixed! Yay! I did my happy dance. Fourth child is too young to talk, so they can't kick her off their list just yet... we have to wait and see if she learns to talk all wrong before that. and bless her, she says 'boob' very well right now. And in these days of austerity cut backs, I'm sure she'll be discharged on the strenght of it.

Sadly eldest child is still on their books. He doesn't say his 'R' properly. The way he pronounces it make him sound English. So, basically, having an English accent is regarded as a speech impediment. Lol! Oh, we had a right giggle over that.

So, below three pictures were taken by my darling spawn as I tried to talk seriously to the poor speech therapist. I had to interrupt her and stop the photo session when sister D'Oub got up on the chair, waggled her arse and told her brother to take a picture. God, help us.

Stroike a loight, guv'nor!

I am the very model of a modern Major-General...
Getting ready to get up on chair to waggle arse.

Then we had a visit to the grounds of the Italian embassy. The embassy is located in the village, behind giant gates, which you never see beyond. Very kindly, the ambassador threw open the gates (well, one of his flunkies did...) and for a tenner - in aid of the Lucan Festival - we got a guided tour around the grounds. And boys oh boys, they were beautiful. But it made me cross! Afterwards it felt like the Ambassador was like the Selfish Giant of Oscar Wilde's story - keeping such a beautiful garden all to himself! Oh how I wished eternal winter on him after our visit. I'm a very bitter person.

Then we went to the Zoo! I shan't bore you with a long description of our trip around the zoo, expect to say, it was the most fun trip I ever had. See below D'Oub child two - feeding giraffes! Lucky fecker. 

And finally, the last few days have been wonderful, the weather glorious. We are getting value for money from our new garden.  We all have new freckles. The new grass is looking a little ropey. All good :) Long may it last!

Talk to you soon... once I get my breath back!

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Niamh B said...

So funny, bout the accent thing... I blame the toys, most of danger's have a very strong British or American accent