Monday, June 22, 2009

Lucan Writers Rock!

So, I took home silver from the Jonathan Swift Writing awards last night. Yay! Go me. Was completely, over the top, thrilled. Sorry to everyone round me last night, was a little mad :)

But I experienced a peculiar sensation last night too. I was even happier for the winner! Yes, the wonderfully talented Louise Philips took top spot with a psychological tour de force story about love, rejection and murder! Such a deserving winner, not just because her story was class, but because the lady herself is such a lovely and talented person.

And I couldn't forget the unstoppable Mr Mohan and his extraordinary poetry - he was just pipped at the post for top spot, but that was only because his poetry is so good, most peoples minds are too puny to fully appreciate it.

The whole thing has put me in such a good mood. Last Monday the letter about the short list popped through my door and that set me up for the week, and now this Monday, again am in good form on what is typically a very glum day. But I'm sitting here in my messy kitchen, looking out at my courgette plants, a little bit of sun peeking through, and all is well with the world. (I've even been letting the baby eat jam sandwiches and watch Spongebob - hmm, perhaps should stop that...)

Happy Sigh.

Okay - what competition is next?

(P.S. I want to say to the other Lucan writers who entered, but didn't get a nod - yis were robbed!)


beedlemama said...

Rock on.... and thank you for a very entertaining evening. Hope Mr DO fell over himself with admiration at his super talented wife!

Anonymous said...

What can I say? I was confident you would be in 1 & 2 spots - just not sure of the order of merit. Lucky you, now you have a Sean O Faolain entry ready to pop in the post this very day!
(Has baby tried jam & courgette sambos? Just give her a spoon and let her loose on your veggie patch. Marvellous for the digestion - I think.)
What poem did Mr Hennessy (David) present? Can't believe somebody pipped him at the post.

Domestic Oub said...

Yes, Mr Oub did make an effort to say nice thing when I got home! Lucky for him....

I say, Lucan writers should get used to it, we are all quite brill and deserve ever accolade in the writing world :)

Anon - (DQ I presumme!) - David present a gorgeous poem called (i think) Violets and another, think it was Madame Bovary of Suburbia. None of us could quite get a handle ont he winning poem, so not sure what I can telly ou about it! Sorry.

Sean O Faolain here we come!

Matt Bolton said...

Well done!!! Such a talented group. How was the awards themselves quite drunken i presume?

Anonymous said...

congratulations, I'm delighted for all of you, well done. JB

Emerging Writer said...

bask in the warmth of your general wonderful-ness. Who won the poetry then?

Domestic Oub said...

Thanks EW :) Rather annoyingly I didn't get the name of the poetry winner - I'd practically passed out with the tension up to that point! I bet David might know though... David??

garry said...

well done dearest sister! doing the family proud. keep pouring out the words x