Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow Fun Anymore..

I have become an enforced agoraphobic. I have not left the house in days. I trundled out at the start of the week, and was regretting it in seconds. But turning back would have been nearly as dangerous. I have not ventured out since. Supplies are running low. Soon I will have to kill, butcher and serve up Mr Oubliette for food. Thankfully he's got a bit of flesh on his bones, so it should see us to the end of the cold snap.

The school is closed. I was like an OCD sufferer last night, repeatedly clicking refresh on the browser, waiting for the schools name to be added to the list on the RTE website. At about 11 o'clock it finally appeared. What could have been the delay? The school is at the bottom of a hill. A hill that doesn't get much exposure to sun. The only nearby carpark is at the top of steps that don't get any sun. And once you get to the school, its at the bottom of a long sloping drive. What could have made the principal wait so long to make the call? As no brianers go, this is as brain free as the Celebrity Big Brother house...

That said, I shouldn't criticise CBB. It is one of the bright spots in my dreary snowbound life at the moment. Well, no it isn't actually. I'm willing it to be. Every bloody year its on, and I don't watch it. Then some celebrity goes mental, best car crash tv in years, and I'm playing catch up.

So, I decided to watch from the start this year.


Oh well.

Anyway, to wrap up today, here are some pics from my snowy suburban oubliette...

Only the snow could make the horrible 1970s houses look pretty

Eldest Oubliette child unimpressed with taking a direct snow ball hit

Middle Oubliette child really quite happy with his aim...

Youngest Oubliette child, wistful for the day when she can catch the other two feckers.


Niamh B said...

Only youngest oubliette could be wistful for the future... Excellent expressive face on that snowman too, I must say, am impressed.

Domestic Oub said...

I loved my snowman. I spent ages modeling his wonderful face. My children were unimpressed. And sadly, he was murdered in the night! That photo is the last evidence I have that he ever existed. I suspect 'Teenagers'. It had to be the teenagers, they're all bastards.