Monday, June 28, 2010

All aboard...

So, lost in the wilderness as I was, I have been plodding on foot for a while now and not stopping at the Poetry Bus stop.

But, in the spirit of quantity over quality that I have now embraced, I am striding purposefully to the side of the road, I am thrusting my hand out and demanding the bus screech to a halt and let me climb aboard.

I can't claim it's any good, but hey, at least I'm trying :)

This weeks task - set by Don't Feed the Pixies :

"As you may remember I set you all the task of rehabilitating road (or any other) signs that were just lounging about doing nothing. You could either:

1) Follow the sign and write something you saw at the other end
2) Merely imagine what might be at the other end and write about that
3) Find a new use for the word on the sign to explain something that currently has no word"

I decided to run with option one - except for the fact that the sign I had in mind is too far away for me to go and follow just now. We see it every time we head west to the in-laws - it's an ambition of mine to actually visit this town...

I give you...


Oh, tittering townland of Bumlin!
Co. Roscommon's hidden gem.
We snicker like naughty schoolboys
at the Wildean wit of it all.
A moniker of the posterior
How funny!
(How dull our little lives are)
One day I hope to stop, pay a visit
instead of passing, laughing, in the car.


Niamh B said...

Excellent - welcome back aboard!!! This is a very sensitively written and beautiful poem.

Domestic Oub said...

It is quite moving isn't it?

Do you think the mayor might have it engraved on a brass plaque and display it in a prominenet position about town?

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

he he - brilliant name and brilliant poem

Now all we need is for Bumlin to launch a manned probe to orbit around Uranus and the world will be complete!

Excellent stuff

Rachel Fox said...

It makes me think of Butlins...the holiday camps...and how different their reputation could be with only one letter different. And now I'm making up a gay porn version...time to go...

Totalfeckineejit said...

Knew the wine would work.Welcome back aboard D'ouby!

Bumlin? yeer shitting me, right?

Domestic Oub said...

Well, thank you all for your appreciation :)

DFTP - I am writing to the mayor of Bumlin immadiately with that suggestion :o)

Rachel - goodness yes, Butlin, gay porn, really, Bumlin is the town that just keeps on giving..

And actaully, it really sounds like quite the raunchy part of the country - I have discovered that surrounding townlands are called Gortlust and Pollymount. Oh er matron!

Argent said...

"passing, laughing in the car" - We always laughed or made jokes about placenames when we went on infrequent holidays. Long Itchington became Short Scratchington and so on. Wildean indeed! Loved the lightness of this.

Pure Fiction said...

Bumlin?? Really? I like this - glad to see you're working your way through the writers/creative/all consuming block!

Karen said...

How would you like to live in Bumlin? To put that in the address box of everything you write? He, he, he!

Titus said...

D'Oub, loved it! And not just because of the funny name. Beautiful rhythm and great word choice too - I love "tittering" and "snicker".

Please go and send me a postcard, however. Because it is a funny name.