Sunday, October 17, 2010

Baptisms, Wee and Other Stories.

I've not been posting much.

Too busy. Some good stuff - seeing lots of lovely friends. Some boring stuff - domestic frenetic treadmill. (Roll on the mid-term break)

But today was fun. We had a Christening. Not for us you understand, bump is still firmly in situ and enjoying his/her state of grace. Nope, was baptism of chums baby. I got to be Godmother! Yay!

Now, saying he is a baby is a bit of a stretch. Due to unforeseen circumstances, my chums weren't in a position to get the little guy christened until now, and he's a strapping toddler. I was quite looking forward to seeing how the whole show would go when the object of the exercises wasn't a compliant and oblivious new born.

It didn't disappoint.

With appropriate suspicion, the child eyed up the priests approach with the chrism oil. He looked suitably surprised to have it dabbed on him. But the real fun came when the old water poury bit took place. The priest managed to get water in his eyes. Who here has gotten water in a toddlers eye? What happens? Yes, toddlers go mental. So, child basically wailed for the entirety of the rest of the ceremony and flinched each time Fr came anywhere near him. (Again, some would say and entirely understandable response :)

I spend most of the time trying to remember what my responsibilities were. And hope that no one could see my knickers through my very see through linen trousers. I know that wearing see through trousers to a church ceremony is just asking for trouble, but hey, when you're six months plus pregnant you don't always have alot of choices. And maybe it distracted people from the wailing toddler.

And speaking of toddlers - Toddler Oub out did herself. Obviously unhappy not to be the centre of attention she wet herself a few pews back. Lol! It's funny y'see, cause me being Godmother meant Mr Oub was left to deal with the whole piddle puddle horror all by himself. Of course, I'm not laughing at darling Mr Oub, but it is nice sometime not to be the one who is at the epic-epi-centre of one's children's marauding terror.

But I was a bit distracted knowing there was a wee on the loose behind me somewhere. One doesn't want to let down ones friends by having their christening remembered as the Pee Christening. Thankfully though no one managed to put their handbag into the mess and there was an Aldi straight across the road from the church and Mr Oub manfully managed to nab a few supplies to rectify the whole sorry mess.

And as he said, at least she didn't poo herself.

We must look for the silver lining in all our travails.

So lovely post ceremony party at friends house, Toddler Oub managed to redeem herself by charming everyone with how she cheats at 'Rock, Paper, Scissors'.

Kids were also fed, which saved me a job.

Then home again.






Night night all.


Titus said...

Actually, D'Oub, sounds like a perfect day to me...

Titus said...

And at least you didn't get savaged by a rabbit.

Titus said...

I was. In case you're interested.

Louise said...

You forgot to mention dealing with IT lunatics!!! Sounds like a great day. Someone else feeding your kids is always a winner!

Domestic Oub said...

Savaged by a rabbit??? Yikes. They look so sweet and innocent, but one wrong word and they turn on you...

Niamh B said...

another lol moment Oub - it's the way you tell em!

The Dead Acorn said...

So, ummm ... how DO you cheat at Rock, Paper, Scissors? Because I need all the help I can get.

Totalfeckineejit said...

Frankly, I'm disappointed there was no poo.

Domestic Oub said...

Thanks Niamh :o)

DA - She has innovative ideas on what beats what - rock crushes paper, scissors stabs rock, paper suffocates scissors etc, one stands a chance.

TFE - we've had enough poo crisis from her to last a lifetime.

Rachel Fox said...

A comment on religion from the young?

Rachel Fox said...

And Titus...rabbit? Really?

Domestic Oub said...

LOL Rachel! I never thought of that, you may have a valid point :)