Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sofa Poetry Bus!

This pic was our poetry bus prompt this week -

Here is my effort...I'm too tired to make it scan properly -you'll have to forgive me. But hey, at least I gave it a go?

Do you come here often?
asked the couch of the settee
"Only when the weathers cold,"
she simpered
"and there's nothing on tv."
"Well,"'lucky little me -
Let me buy you a drink or three
As its not that often I get the chance
to meet such a classy upholstery.
I like your browns and beiges!
I like your shapes and spaces!
I'm think you're the kinda sofa
that one could really hope t'
share a comfy camaraderie.

"Oh you're such a flatterer"
she blushed from root to tip.
hoping he didn't notice
her frays and ragged rips.
"Sure,I've seen some better days
'fore the fade of suns cruel rays
And oh that dog that daily hogged
my sumptuous silk brocade.

But I was a beauty in my time
I rivaled Chesterfield in his prime!"
She paused, then looked up shyly
now quieter, whispering wryly -
"But I succumbed to wear and tear
the bane of every suite and chair
That sees us eventual tossed without thought
Left in places like this to stain, wilt
and eventually to rot.

Me? Yes, I am resigned to my refuse lot."

"Well my dour dear!You're in need of good cheer
"I'm getting you a tot,
no make that a triple, roof lifting shot!
And you'll see that good seating
whose value is fleeting
to those whose home from where they
originally came
will be cherished here
cleaved to our bosom dear
And can see out their days
without cushion, bottom or fear!"

She smiled at his advance
risked a little come hither glance
her spirits lifted
her wood frame, closer, she shifted
and the couch and the settee
unfettered by the needs of humanity
saw out their days
in all kinda of weather
just happy dumped and forgotten
in that field there together.


Poetry of the Day said...

poetry bus. that is neat!

Poetry <3

The Bug said...

I like it - it makes me feel better about the poor furniture sitting there :)

Niamh B said...

love it - uplifting and romantic

Karen said...

Fun, funny, and clever! You have made this prompt your own. Love the bit about the Chesterfield!

Domestic Oub said...

Yes, Ew, yes! Finally someone who 'gets' me...

Titus said...

Sorry, but that's genius. I feel a curious empathy with the settee. Love, love, loved it.