Thursday, September 25, 2008

Farmleigh Frolics

Today's Complaint: Much too tired.

Day started with oldest son asking me if I would grow old and die. He had the decency to profess sadness when I confirmed my sell by date. But, as only 7 years olds can, he moved swiftly on.

Irritatingly the kids were on a half day from school. When they got home, much too early for my liking, I tried ignoring them. When that didn't work I shouted at them. Continued to labour under the illusion that I am doing a much better job than my parents did.

Highlight of the day was a trip to Farmleigh for an evening of poetry. Good old Dermo, (aka Dermot Bolger) was hosting an evening of readings from the upcoming book - County Lives. Seeing as I move in such lofty literary circles I knew a good number of the readers, Niamh Bagnell, Colm Keegan, David Mohan, Eileen Casey to name but a few. And perhaps I'm just biased but I do think the Lucan Writers posse stood out - class acts the lot of them.

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And if only I wasn't completely bitter and twisted about their success then maybe I'd have enjoyed myself more.

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Uiscebot said...

Yay! The internet just got cosier! I hope that wasn't a favour your kid was asking for! Farmleigh was a good night. Such a big crowd too.