Monday, December 1, 2008

Let me eat cake...

Jeez, was I whingy last post.

Don't worry, I won't get all pondery today.

Anyway, had a nice Sunday. Family (sorta) gathered for our annual lynching of persons of colour... Goodness, no, sorry, we gathered for our K(ris) K(indle), not KKK - so easy to get confused when we gets together - family does rather feel like a group of people bound together by hatred... Ah, ha, ha. I'm so funny. Apologies to any family members who happen to be reading this :) I loveeeeee you alllllllllll. And don't forget vouchers, vouchers, vouchers.

Well, yet again I noticed that I ate twice as much as everyone else. I think my excuses for my over indulgence in food are wearing thin. Or should that be wearing fat? Ah, well. Maybe in the new year I'll do something about it... (note I am not saying which new year.... 2020 anyone? By then they'll have to cut a hole in the wall of the house to get me out. I could have my own documentary on Discovery Freak Show.)

On that chirpy note I'll fly.


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