Monday, January 19, 2009

Yes we can...I think.

As the great Homer Simpson said, "Kids are great. You can teach them to hate what you hate and, with the Internet and all, they practically raise themselves."

I like to live these words, and its good sometimes to see them bear fruit. I was trying to explain the concept of the suspension of habeas corpus, in relation specifically to Guantanamo Bay, to the boys (ages 6 and 8), while driving them to school the other morning. I wasn't sure if I was getting the subtleties of it across. But I knew I had succeeded when younger son asked if they would exile George Bush once Obama came to power. I sighed, and said, 'Son, you have the right idea, and in many parts of the world they would, but sadly, no. He'll just go back to his ranch.'

They seemed a little disappointed.

Next week we start on the much anticipated lecture series for kiddies entitled 'Why Israel is a great big smelly head.'

Anyway, we'll all sit down tomorrow afternoon and watch the inauguration. Hopefully in the future, when they're all growed up, they'll remember fondly this historic time. Maybe the world they grow up in will be a safer fairer place.



Niamh B said...

Is anyone else jealous that nothing historic happened when they were young? Like as in, as a kid? The most historic thing I saw as a child was Johnny Logan winning the Eurovision for the second time.... Or did I just miss stuff because my folks never told me it was historic? Oooh berlin wall, moan over - it's all coming back to me now.

Anonymous said...

I remember Harry Boland speaking (for Ireland - first time) at the United Nations. I was mortally ashamed at how boring he sounded. I obviously was about 1 at the time......

I remember Cardinal Cushing speaking - for God knows what, something very important anyway - and he was sooooo boring.

Now these were obviously sit down events in my childhood when there was only radio - I'm sure your kids will love the Inauguration - but don't count on them remembering it fondly. It could coincide with missing their favourite programme which will ruin their lives completely....

garry said...

sista - if you need a guest lecturer for the 'Israel smelly held' talk, feel free to draft in uncle garry