Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Help! I think Paris Hilton is possesing my child..

As a parent you do your best. You try to raise your kids right. Its tough in this day and age, but, I have to say I modestly thought I was doing an alright job.

Pride, fall etc, etc.

So, I decide to check the eldest Oubliette's homework this morning, just to be sure he'd done what he should have last night. Mondays are our busiest day, so sometimes something slips through the cracks.

Part of his home work was to fill out a page in his 'All About Me' book. This has been an on going project since the start of school four weeks ago and has produced such classics as:

Q-"When were you the most disappointed?"

A- "When I first had homework."

Q-"What have you learned to never do?"

A- "Read while walking."

So, below is what I found written in this morning..

It's like Paris Hilton's mission statement! What kind of child am I raising?? Where is the 'Help the poor,' 'Become a doctor,' 'Cure cancer'???



Niamh B said...

LOL, at least relax is a good one, a hard one to actually do - in my limited experience...

beedlemama said...


Drama Queen said...

Why should you be blessed with a model child? It wouldn't be at all fair to the rest of us. At least he doesn't want to be a politician.

Totalfeckineejit said...

It all depends where he wants to do his shopping.If it's at the local Maserati dealers, that's okay, if it's at the local Lidl, you may have a problem.

Domestic Oub said...

Niamh - he gets the relaxing gene from me, am complete master of it.

DQ - But surely I could have at least one model child, is that too much to ask? And, inrerestingly, becoming a politician might actually fullfil all his criteria... Get money? Yes. Relax? Yes. Go shopping? Definately!

I'll let him know.

TFE - When he becomes Taoiseach he will purchase the Maserati to ferry him between airport terminals...