Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Just call me Farmer Oub

Oh my God, oh my God, am soooooooooooooooooooooooo excited!!! Yay! oooh!

While the dotted line has as yet to be signed, I can confirm, that by Sunday, I should be the proud renter of an Allotment!!!!

Where I was pretty hopeful last post, I have now had the indepth conversation with the bloke who owns the field, and we are Go! Go! Go! (When I say 'conversation' it was mainly me speaking gibberish and him trying hard to isolate anything sensible he could reply to.)

OMG - Now I feel under pressure - it's already mid-February, I gotta get planting!!!!!

What shall I grow? Will I manage all the digging or will Mr Oubliette be forced, against his sedentary will to join the dig for victory? Will I hate it after two minutes? Am I quite ridiculous to be taking this on with my arthritic joints? Or will the joy of it lift my beleaguered spirits? Will all the wholesome outdoorsiness of it bring a glow back to my checks and help shift a few pudgy pounds from my comfortable frame?

Will I be eating tomato chutney till I'm more tomato than human? Will friends and acquaintance run from me, fearing a 'gift' of yet more misshapen mottled veg?

Oh, the possibilities!!

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The Dead Acorn said...

I get told I'm full of shit all the time. I'm not sure that kind of thing is on the "DHL Will Deliver" list of approved products, though. Sorry I can't help.