Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday Poem!

It doesn't scan, and the rhyming's rubbish - but I've got to pick the kids up from school, and then take them to swimming lessons and then take them to football. I've run out of time. So, here it is anyway, TFE's poem...


Evidence of snuffles, tuffles of tissues
clouds of cottony snottingly mush
ten thousand receipts, crumpled
to a rumpled mercantile origami.
A swim cap, a crayon, commando crumbs
waiting to stage attacks under nails of
fingers and thumbs.
Argos pen pilfered - casual thievery, up the slievery.
small celibate change, a lonely English ten pee
left on deposit, kept in the closet
liberated for beggars if they look suitably sad
I think you'll agree its a colourful melee,
but hardly room for my hands in the crush.


Niamh B said...

I love this Oub - and it's so true. I love the way you always carry a crayon

Totalfeckineejit said...

'clouds of cottony snottingly mush'
will stay with me for a long time.I think they probably will with you too!

Rachel Fox said...

Commando crumbs are pretty cool too. I hate to think how old some of the crumbs are in my bag...
And the swimcap! A master stroke...

Titus said...

I really liked it!
The line that got me was;
"Argos pen pilfered - casual thievery, up the slievery."

Though I'm with Rachel, commando crumbs is good.

Argent said...

I liked the up-the-slievery as well. Terrific bouncy word-play here!

Karen said...

And you are still walking around? I love all the detritus of everyday living. I can just picture you pulling these out one by one. Great touches, here.

Domestic Oub said...

Thanks everyone!

I wish the list was

1) Completely made up - sadly, it's completely true! I've got to have a clear out...


2)comprehensive - but there is more in there, they just didn't have any rhymns

I don't know how I stay upright...

Batteson.Ind said...

this was so cool!.. I like the fact it's quite gushing.. and uses lovely language... :-D

NanU said...

scan? rhyming? what are those for?
Great work! Up the slievery is a favorite.

Anonymous said...

really loved the "rumpled mercantile origami"
thanks for sharing
crazy field mouse

Matt Bolton said...

I like it and I like the idea of motherhood causing you to carry far too much. It scans well enough. I liked it.