Monday, April 4, 2011

Beastly Bus

I'm baaaaaaack.

Been busy. Knocking down kitchen walls. Going to Disneyland in Paris. The life of a D'Oub is a whirlwind. But, I felt I should hop on the poetry bus. Gotta keep those poetry muscles moving before they completely atrophy. Of course, am suspicious I'm too late. Cause I've produced another 'I'm-tired-because-of-the-new-baby-but-hey-isn't-she-cute-anyway-poem' What can I say? Titus, the bus driver this week, set us a task listing a bunch of animals, and I still bring it back to babs. It's a talent I guess.

Anyway, here we go. I chose the bush baby as my animal inspiration.

Bush Baby Baby

My little big eyed bush baby bundle
like your namesake noticeably nocturnal
I am sloth like, your soporific mammy
you do realize you've got it totally jammy?
I feed, clothe, bathe, oh you've cut a swathe
through my life
Even Sisyphus woulda worn a puss
with the endless toil
you create
but all you have to do is smile
not even that often, just once in a while
and I'm worse than chocolate in the palm of your hand
I melt like a fool, into a stupid maternal pool
of love and martyred devotion
and you can wake at 5am always and I'll
do what you want
I understand the deal we've got going here
it's pretty clear,
though not very fair
but honestly?
I don't really care 'cause
I illogically love you
my little big eyed bush baby bundle.


120 Socks said...

You gotta love her, and love your bush baby poem. Just thinking, you could leave her in a bush, ah forgot that's where you're supposed to find them!!!

Peter Goulding said...

That'll be a nice one to resurrect in 20 years time. Lovely tribute.

Niamh B said...

Gorgeous poem and love the pictures.
Oub babies are soooo cute!

Titus said...

You're just a big jelly! A big jelly that can write poetry!

Great words, superb images!
Can I have it for the book please? Can I? Can I?

Doctor FTSE said...

You have to love them, doncha! I'm onto grandchildren now. But it's just the same!

Argent said...

I like the chocolate in your hand line. You will have to show this to your bush baby baby in years to come.

Jinksy said...

Those two photos side by side are magic! But I'd take the baby over the bushbaby anyday! LOL

Helen said...

Bush Baby! This needs music ~ great lyrics.

Lucy Westenra said...

I'm with Jinksy. Those are lovely pictures

Kat Mortensen said...

Just think! You will be able to show your little Bush Baby this poem when she's old enough to read and understand it and her love, and yours will multiply once again.

(Lovin' the melted chocolate image.)



P.S. Your BB is gorgeous!

The Dead Acorn said...

Those pics are perfect together. And now I have "Bush Baby", sang to the tune of "Beach Baby" (by one-hit wonder The First Class, no less!), stuck in my head, so thanks for that.

Domestic Oub said...

Lucy, Kat - thanks :) And I will try to remember all this when she is a demon teenager!

DA - sorry about that, so hate when one's brain springs a leak like that...not familiar with the song though - either it wasn't a hit this side of the atlantic, or you're eighty or so and it was like a hit back on the ragtime hit parade.. or something..

NanU said...

why yesyesyes that's so incredibly cute!

Kat Mortensen said...

Came back to remind myself what I said earlier and have to say, that looking at your BB's photo, I am put in mind of an Irish comic who does a bit about raising ones eyebrows. Do you know the one I mean?

(You might not read this, come to think of it. Oh well!)