Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Blog Post By A Bored D'Oub

So, we're having fish fingers for dinner tonight. And frozen mash potatoes. And frozen peas. Heston Blumenthal I ain't.
Wow. Yummy. The lucky Oub family.

Toddler Oub is pretending to fish while sitting on the rocker. I was reprimanded for pretending to eat the pretend fish before she had pretend cooked it. I had to pretend spit it out. I hope I don't get pretend food poisoning.

It was this big. The one that (pretend) got away.

Second son is playing the Wii. Or maybe its the new PS3. I dunno which. And I really don't care. The sun is actually out, and he should really be outside enjoying it. I should be making him go outside and enjoy it. But like the fish fingers, mash and peas, I haven't got the energy. I could pop him under the grill, or in the microwave for a while I guess.

Grunt. Hmmm? Wha'? (Son ignores mother.)

Eldest child is entering hour three of his homework. He's only in forth class, it's not the amount of work that's taking him so long. It's his futile revolt against the concept of homework, and work in general, that keeps him so long at it. It's a lonely battle, and so far not showing many results. The homework hasn't as yet disappeared. But he is dedicated to the cause and will keep fighting the good fight.
And he looks so industrious. He actually started this exercise on May 4th 1988.

Baby Oub (ver2.0) has just woken up. She's been asleep in her car seat for a few hours. Apparently spending too long in their car seats is bad for babies. It's the only place my little darling will stay asleep. See above about healthy fresh food, outside play and helping with homework for my feelings on the subject right now.

Somebody, anybody, call social services...

Mr Oub won't be home for about an hour. If we're lucky. But he may well be reading this blog, so honey, hurry home, I'm slacking again.

Thankfully he likes fish fingers.

Shame there aren't quite enough to go round.

Oh well.


120 Socks said...

Smiled all the way through that! I love your sense of humour. Mr D'oub is a very lucky man. Anyway I'm sure those fishfingers are the best in the world!
My kids loved them, go and be really adventurous and tomorrow give them Donegal Catch, the cod one is the best!!

Domestic Oub said...

Thanks Socks :o) I'm having a bit of a lazy parenting day... I'm allowed a few days off, just now and again?

The Dead Acorn said...

I don't know whether your stove shows Farenheit or Celsius, but either way, at 1746 degrees, they must be done in a matter of minutes!

Domestic Oub said...

Actually Dead Acorn, it's the year. My house slipped a few years back through a rip in the space time continuum. We've resided ever since in the year 1746. The wi-fi reception is awful, but Ye Olde Dancing With The Stars (Bonnie Prince Charlie eliminated last week) is a hoot.

Kat Mortensen said...

Over here we call them "fish sticks". Not sure why; are we afraid of offending the fish?

So that's the little H-kicker, is it? 1988? That's about when I last did some homework and I commisserate with him. No, I tell a lie; it was 1978! Ha!

You're very funny Oub.


Mine is picking up Chinese (the food) on the way home for Mom's Birthday (sans torte).

120 Socks said...

I think all households should have days, weeks like this, pretend fishing = imagination and role play, ignoring your mother and picking technology instead = the modern man, dragging your heals over your homework = working out WHAT you ACTUALLY want to do in life, and as for baba sleeping in the car, she is just getting it out of the way before she learns to drive!!!

Titus said...

Oh, that makes me feel so GOOD.

On the bright side, the children all got visited by the good looks fairy. You'll be able to sell them to advertisers soon!

Rachel Fox said...

Just the thought of looking after 4 kids tires me out! Don't tell anyone but I only had one because I'm too lazy for any more...

Totalfeckineejit said...

So can you dial in any year on that time machine cooker? Cool! Go back to May 1988 just when yer man finally finishes his homework. Mwahahahahaha!

Domestic Oub said...

Oh Rachel, you've no idea... Actually, let me correct that - I had no idea! Four kids is insane! I now know why my mother was so cranky all the time. I don't think I've had a conversation with no. 2 son in a few months. Eldest just gets shouted at. Toddler get some attention just out of sheer persistence. And poor baby, she has to yell a lot!

Tfe - I'm thinking of using my time machine to go back and warn myself about the dangers of having too large family!!

Im bored what can i do said...

Very cool blog and cute kids haha your a good parent! thanks.