Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Diva Power!

I'm really letting all my fans down on the blogging front. I've been so quiet lately.

This is because I've been headlining Castle Palooza with my wonderful sisters in writing, MsVariousCushions and Ms EmergingWriter. Aka - The Poetry Divas

We came, we saw, we declaimed!

We rocked main stage!

We were startled by the largest bag of funny cigarettes we'd ever seen!

We wore shades at night (ok, only I did, and the kids who were our fellow festival goers failed to appreciate I was doing so ironically.)

We ate free cake at 1am in the green room.

We drank champagne, beer, Guinness and vodka and ginger ale and we only moderately ill the next morning.

In short we had a blast.

And, if Boots would ever fix their photo machine, I'd post my pics.


Drama Queen said...

Welcome back to Blogland from bogland! Saw some pics of enigmatic lady in shades - thought it might be the ghost of the castle, but I guess not. but dying to see yours.
Any spare ciggies? I could do with something new to try!
No stopping you now - I guess its poetry all the way....

beedlemama said...

Jackie O Sunglasses and a black ensemble that would make Catherine Deneuve weep in envy, I loved it. You divas clearly rock.

Emerging Writer said...

I'll take a box of Tiger beer for a few poems any day