Monday, August 31, 2009

The TFE Monday experiment...

So, giving TFEs challenge a go here's my effort - five minutes, Monday at 7, just let the keyboard flow. Rubbish or genius? I'm not sure which yet...

Always late
make the world wait.
is it worth it?
neutral and earth it
plug it in, sing,
pretty as a picture
fixture mixture from my head.
enough said.
my thoughts are read.
my cheeks are red.
its all gone to my head.
Calm in the middle. looking out
up a spout, round a corner
to see what's there.
nothing, everything, thing.
but who's listening
blistering skin burning
under their grill gaze.
Smoking, scorching
run away.
couldn't stand behind what I
have to say. Sway me last
argument that I heard.
And happily so.


Titus said...

At last, someone else who thinks poem=rhyme under pressure! I ejoyed this - "neutral and earth it" really good.

NanU said...

I like the way we live the five minutes with you.
& I can never rhyme at all, no matter how much time there it!

Niamh B said...

Lovely stuff Oub - genius definitely

Dominic Rivron said...

Demands to be read outloud -like what I just did- which is always a good thing!

Drama Queen said...

Why, oh why can't I think in time to do it. Wouldn't mind only I was actually 'poeting' this morning so might have been able to cope with the challenge. Maybe next week.
Well done pal, your brain is in operation all right.