Thursday, December 3, 2009

International put your Poem in a Shop Month - The Bandwagon Begins!

Well, I'm nothing if not a follower! Not so great with the original ideas, but not too bad at slavishly following someones else initiative.

Well, MsVarious, there are now TWO poems in shops as of a hour ago. I was pottering about in my fave place - The Orchard Garden Centre and Cafe on the Celbridge road, and I thought - I gotta put a poem in a shop. Of course, the problem was I didn't have a poem. So, over a large Americano, and as the baby poured chocolate milk over herself I penned this instantly forgettable poem...

Nonchalant gnomes, propagation domes,
Homes and Gardens beautiful
Bonsai, Birch, Gerbera, Poinsettia
Cushions, throws, aspirational a-plethora
Coffees and cakes among the shrubs, hoses and rakes
Feed our hunger and thirst.

Outside these high walls, recession calls
But, goddamn, they've got to catch me first.

So, I lurked like a giddy flasher, attempting the oh-so-casual positioning my poem. I felt like I was about to dump toxic waste on a kids playground, the urge not to litter is so strong. But, as Various says, I am adding to the cultural enrichment of our world... ahem. (All comparisons of my poem to toxic waste will be instantly deleted!)

And here's the proof!

Hurray for "International put your Poem in a Shop Month"!


Domestic Oub said...

Never! Poems in shops 4ever!

Niamh B said...

or at least once per week for the next 4 weeks interspersed between xmas shopping etc... my dream is to have a poem in every shop...
did you feel guilted into buying anything in the shop by the way? I forgot to ask that?

Totalfeckineejit said...

I think that is a perfectly apt and snappy off the cuff happy guerilla poem there D'Oub. Mucho Kudos and Kongraherlations for your bravery in the name of pottery! Sorry, poetry!