Thursday, December 17, 2009

My Weak Week...

I appear to blog once a week. Either a Wednesday or a Thursday.

It takes a week for me to find something to say. And it's debatable whether what I've said was even worth it sometimes.

So, what did this week hold for Oubliette's of the Domestic kind?

Well, I didn't win that competition I was shortlisted for. Obviously my story was far, far, far too good. But it's that cosy blanket of superiority that keeps me warm at night. Sure the winner is out there somewhere, probably rolling naked on a bed over, under and around their winnings. But, they are deluded. They, as well as the judges, don't know that my story was better than theirs, and should have won. When, like a ego crushing blow, the truth dawns, I will be expecting a full written apology and any winnings that can be salvaged from the naked tumblings to be forwarded to me.

What else did I do?

Mr Oubliette and I saw Eddie Izzard at The Point on Monday ( I will not call it the *2) It was about the forth time we'd seen the comic genius. Sadly, we may have overdosed on the Izzard magic and while we enjoyed ourselves, and he was funny, we just weren't loosing control of our bladders as we once would have.. oh well. I had to console myself with onion rings and a 'bacon big boy' from Eddie Rockets afterwards.

Yes, the 'bacon big boy' is as deliciously vile as it sounds. It was worth the vicious assault by my weight watchers leader afterwards. As I drifted out of consciousness as one more blow from the electronic scales rained down on me, I licked my lips and muttered 'bacon'...

The Lovely Lucan Creative Writers had their annual Christmas shindig as well since I last blogged. It was a wonderful evening - visit Becketts in Leixlip, its a gem. We managed to peer pressure Various into drinking - cause she couldn't be in our gang if she wasn't like, cool, and like, drinking - but despite being in the pub till 2 am (well, the stragglers at any rate) it didn't feel quite as mad as previous years. Are we all getting old? Or was the fun just concentrated? Condensed? If you had added water, perhaps we'd still be partying now.

I should go. Junior Oubliette wants to spray fake snow on the windows. And who am I to stop him?

Till next Wed/Thurs.


Niamh B said...

We've been sensibilised... ;-)
I was just trying to stay sober for the crazy celebration that would have been Monday night *sigh*

Domestic Oub said...

God, you're probably right - how awful, sensibnilised.. can they give you drugs for that?

Totalfeckineejit said...

The ageing process, D'Oub, is a cruel,sad, hopeless and unrelenting decline. Thank feck for bacon!(And BOOOZE!)

Ps Your story WAS the best, even people like me who haven't even read it know that.