Friday, August 19, 2011

Books, books, books.

I think it's time for the Kindle.

Cause we have a problem.

Mr Oub spent sometime recently putting up five long high capacity shelves. Our books had been living out in the shed for the past few month since we demolished a wall and had no where else to put them. Amazingly the cold and damp didn't destroy them. Odd. But I guess we all knew there was something inherently sinister about chick lit novels.

So, here is a pic of Mr Oub's handy work. And I suspect you see a problem. There is only a teensy bit of space at the top for all the books we expect to acquire during the rest of our lives. And, if I could be arsed to get up off the sofa and stop drinking so much wine, that could be at least forty years from now.

I've tried thinning them out. Rather like the children, I really should dispatch them to a better home, but I just get so sentimental and can't be without any of them. Even when, (again like the children) they're rubbish. (Only kidding Oub kiddies! Honestly. Only one or two of you are rubbish.)

So, perhaps more shelves? Where? The whole bloody house is coming down with the things.

For example -

The livingroom. Of course these generally are only our best books. Our best literary towels for visitors. Books that make us look fierce well read and intellectual. As long as no one inspects the virgins spines we might just pull that off.

Do you like how Mr Oub has colour coded the books for a pleasing aesthetic? It does mean a few potboilers sneak in just for their good looks. But isn't that always the way in life, that good looks will get your farther than you deserve?

You wouldn't believe the dust these collect. Perhaps if we read them once in a while?

So, to upstairs. Any space here? Nope. In the bedroom? Bedrooms are meant to be calm restful spaces with little clutter and few distractions. Hence mine is jammers full. And I'm always tired.

Even the much maligned Oub children have books coming out their ears.

No one should think that this post is some sort of false modesty effort - 'oh woe is me, look at all these books (I am so intellectual!!!! Be impressed!!)' Anyone who was reading VariousCushions blog recently will know I publicly admitted my desperate ignorance of modern classics. I had not only not read any of the books she had listed, but hadn't even heard of many of the authors. If they haven't been name checked in Heat magazine, I'm all adrift.

This post is a cry for help. Whether it's the directions to Book Hoarders Anonymous, or an exhortation to adopt Various' Chinese-like concept of a 'One Shelf' policy (What is with the books/children analogies today?) I need help.

Or I need a Kindle.

If I don't get a Kindle, and in fact one for each member of the family you could be reading about us in the papers soon. 'Nobbled by Novels!', 'Books Bury Brood!', 'The Dangers of Reading - family found under killer mountain of cheap paperbacks.'

I think you, my reader, need to pass around the hat. Get the collection boxes rattling. Six shiny new Kindles, and you could save a life!


Yes YOU, could be a hero!

(I'll have my kindle in the orange leather case. ta.)


riggerscam said...

Particularly like the way Mr Oub has arranged the books in a rainbow fashion, just off to do mine.

120 Socks said...

Oh but books are d best - getting your copy from the shop, the feel, the smell, the sense of excitement just before you to delve into a new world. Blast it - we need books - lots of them! What about under the bed?? Alright, if you have actually ran out of space, get rid of everyone else's books but your own, and the kids of course - sorry hubby D'oub!

Domestic Oub said...

Riggers, it looks remarkable good :o) Am expecting the call from Homes&Gardens any day now :)

Socks - I know, I know, I just love real books.Nothing beats 'em... but somethngs just gotta give!

Rachel Fox said...

Your man looks handy with the shelves! And, yes, the colours-thing is impressive too (mine may be jealous he never thought of doing that first...).
Can't help with the thinning the books out thing though. Not at all.

Domestic Oub said...

Rachel, Mr Oub is a very good, if reluctant DIYer. We get excellent shelves, but we have to throw a mini strop to get him to do it.

He will be happy though that his colouredy book idea is sweeping the interweb.

James said...

Hi Triona, that was really witty.
Will you colour code the kids and the Kindles as well?

Niamh B said...

your books look very neat at least, mine are all scattered through various boxes now, but when they're out they're very topply and unco-ordinated looking... the one shelf policy is but a dream - the shelf that housed it collapsed long ago, so now my "best books" are on a theoretical best shelf only - I'll start it up again in the new place.

Domestic Oub said...

James - brilliant idea :)

Kate - when I get the Kindle, your book will be there first I download :)

Niamh - Yes, appreciate the one shelf is a theoretical concept, but it is a good one. I look at books and say to them 'If I had only one shelf, would you be on it?' and pretty much 9 outta ten times the answer is no. But still they stay...

But TFE, I keep giving bags and bags of books to the charity shop, yet somehow there are still too many...