Monday, July 20, 2009

Borders Closing...

Did you know that Borders book shop in Blanchardstown is closing down? And that they have 50% off EVERYTHING?

Apparently the world and her wife were aware of this, and queueing, arms laden with books, books, books, like desperate parents at Christmas?

We happened across this scene yesterday quite by accident while we were meant to be buying an air mattress and some other stuff that soon got forgotten as the lure of cheap books proved irresistible.

I went quite wild.

I dumped the Oubliette juniors next to the Secret Seven aisle and with a mutter of 'Be Good' I ran off to pile high my trolley. Here's what I bought...

Wendy Cope poetry collections by 2
'Frugal Food' - Delia Smith cook book
'Simple Scrapbooking' craft book
The Seasonal Kitchen Garden
Schotts Almanac

I then handed the pile over to Hubbie Oubliette and pottered off to Home Store and More to replace a denby saucer that son had broken last week (All Denby, half price this July!)

What struck me though, when looking through the pile of books as we headed home (after a magical mystery tour through rural Clonee looking for a man with free Leek seedlings. Don't ask.) was that these five books really rather summed me up.

Pretty much all of my conversations will touch on one of the subjects above. Writing. Food. Scrapbooking. Vegetable growing. Useless Trivia.

I'd rather not debate exactly how glamorous and exciting this list makes me sound, but here's a challenge - what five books would sum you up?

And by the way - Borders will be open until the 9th of August, so get your bargains while you can!

(oh yeah, and when I remember to mention to DublinDave that he's up for a guest posting, I'll be sure to bring it to you all asap :)


Niamh B said...

Wendy's great, just got her there a couple of weeks ago - at full price.

My five books:

An Intimate History of Humanity - think it sums everyone up though - sociologically - a great book.
Proust was a neuroscientist - ditto on the fact that it covers everyone - physically and artistically this time.
Ogden Nashes poetry collection - funny, and irreverant but with a serious side somewhere.
Complete Irish Wildlife - ok this would apply if I really got out hiking as much as I'd like - maybe this is a "wish it represented me" list, more than an actual.
Finally - The Lizard King - doors biography, representing my "cool" side... never mind that I read it nearly 20 years ago now, and couldn't tell you much about it - I remember it being good at the time.

beedlemama said...

ohmygod. do not compute. brain overload. switch the off button NOW. 5 books that define you? Phew..... (cause I am that complicated...!)
LOVE Wendy Cope btw

Colm Keegan said...

The Times history of the World. - with all the changing maps and empires falling around the world.

The Grapes of Wrath. Because narrative actually sounds like God talking.

The Stand - best epic novel written by a coked out novelist ever.

The God Delusion.

Haunted by Chuck Pahlaniuk.

Anything by Harold Robbins. I read loads of his books as a teen - the best sex I ever read.

James said...

Oh thats just great timing. By the time I get back to Dublin all that will be left will be the books I already own.
Maybe I'll get lucky and Chapters will shut down next month.

Niamh B said...

I just realised - naming a book that represents my cool side probably just reveals the fact that I don't have one... *sigh*

Drama Queen said...

Shock Horror! Where am I going to bring the grand-children for their holiday treat from now on? An hour there and coffee & stuff in the cafe just outside (and €100) means that the four of us have a wonderful time.

Large up-to-the-minute Atlas of the World
Chambers Dictionary
Collection of Jennifer Johnston's books
Collection of Donna Leon's books
Biggest book of Poetry ever compiled!
(and a selection of beautiful cards that I never send to anyone but keep hand, just in case....)