Monday, July 27, 2009

Ever chased a butterfly with a sweeping brush?

Well I have.

An evil Cabbage White has been attempting to reproduce on my sprout plants. (This by the way, just in case you're wondering, isn't some peculiar double entendre.) So, I've been chasing it away. I don't think it has noticed. And really, I can't bring myself to kill it. I am so lame as the kids would say.

Also I found Slugzilla munching on one of my lettuces last night (yet again, this is not some code word for deviant practices) and what did I do? Dunk it in a nearby water filled pot? Stomp on it? No, I put it in the bin and wished it good luck.

That said I had no qualms spraying the courgette plants to kill the Whiteflies.

But that's okay cause everyone knows they're bastards.


Niamh B said...

See it's the angelic smile as you face the enemy - that's your downfall right there.
I'm as bad - rescued a wasp from my beer the other day - sent him happily on his way instead of squooshing

Drama Queen said...

What are the pair of you like! Salt is great for slugs - they go all foamy after a decent sprinkle.
I hate to mention this Oub, but have you grown a trifle hairy since your grip out west? Face as angelic as ever, but your body needs waxing.
Must let me know how you do the flying thing though....

Drama Queen said...

Of course it was a Trip out west, was't it? (Not a grip - although there may have been some of that too, I suppose).

beedlemama said...

Hmmmm, I have dreams of a veg. garden, but this sounds like daylight massacre. I already had an issue with murdering a moth with my lawn mower (yes, DQ, I realise moths only live in wardrobes, but I have them in my garden, I swear!)

Drama Queen said...

It all began with those damned moths. Now first Oub and then Various have become obsessed with things that go 'slush' in the night! You have a lot to answer for Mama!