Thursday, September 23, 2010

Complains, strains and automobiles

Oh so busy.

Summer amnesia made us all forget that come September our lives would be turned upside down. I realise now that I should have been making like a marathon runner and training all summer just so I would be able for the pace once school started up again. (Or at the very least put some heavy investment into a decent selection of amphetamines.)

Gluttons for punishment we have added Cub scouts, Beaver Scouts, Junior Book club, Montessori (for Toddler Oub), and possible cricket to our list of activities. This joins swimming, running and music lessons on our schedule. Feck, I'm exhausted just reading that.

We did drop tennis though. (Didn't think they were going to make my fortune anytime soon with a tennis racket. Potential future earnings are my main criteria for the sports my children are signed up for.)

We're living the suburban middle-class dream. All I need is a cigarette, a pointy bra and a cheating husband and I'd be perfect for the cast of Mad Men.

So, what else is new?

We're getting a new car.

I say 'new' but obviously what with spoiling our offspring with the wealth of activities they do (and will no doubt look back on and resent us for - not enough alone time? exhaustion? burn out at aged 11?) we cannot afford a new car. Nor can we actually afford a good second hand car.

But, seeing as our current lemon has let me down again repeatedly this week (when one has to rely on a neighbour one barely knows to ferry one about the neighbourhood collecting children -my own, you understand, not just unfortunate children who happen to be loitering...) you know it's time to call it a day.

So, we've found a suspiciously cheap six-seater being sold by some dodgy looking bloke. My kind of deal. It arrives on Saturday. It's big enough to accommodate the new arrival when s/he arrives at Chrimbo. I think I'll be delighted if this car is still actually running by then.

Sigh. I best go. I guess I should have a look the speech therapy homework the therapist gave parents last week. Eldest child is doing group sessions for his stammer. Typically though the Oub child is the square peg. A huge part of the therapy is dealing with the child's stress/anxiety to do with the stammering and the vicious circle of stress/stuttering. What does my child answer to the questionnaire they gave them? Question One - How do you feel about your stammer? - Oub child answer - 'I don't care.' Question Two - Does it upset you? Oub child answer - 'See Above'. (he actually wrote, 'see above.' cheeky get...)

Sigh. We'll get there eventually I imagine...

I'm so tired.

I think I'll go back to bed.


(ps this post was written under extremely trying circumstances. I was made get up and dance by a semi-naked toddler to stoopid primary coloured creatures on children's tv, then she transformed into the Oubasaurus and attempted repeatedly to bite off my nose, and finally settled upon her dog impression where she kept licking my face. It's a tough life. So, if there are any typos, you understand...)


Niamh B said...

priceless, wonder where that child got that attitude from?!

Titus said...

I have the cigarette and the pointy bra! I'm in!

I am sorry for your woes, but much relieved to know I'm not the only mother who hates it when they get a new badge at Beavers (oh no, more sewing...)

We gave up on speech therapy for T2 because, basically, the speech therapist was crap. I just hit him now when he says things wrong, and it seems to be working rather well. I'm liking the sound of Eldest Child, by the way, and predict great things. If not a Wimbledon title.

And we had to update to a seven-seater with haste when these last ones arrived if family outings were not to involve one of the big ones running along behind the car, and though admittedly we did buy it from a garage, our inexpensive (can't quite bring myself to say cheap - it wasn't exactly cheap) - ageing Grey Fiat Ulysse has been and is an abolute diamond.

I suggest you sit down and relax with a good book. When you find the time. If you find the time.

Domestic Oub said...

Niamh - I wonder too... his parents are such shy retiring types.

TFE - Thank you for your support. It means a lot.

Tituts - Love your tips on the speech therapy, i think I'll give it a go. It'll make me feel better at the very least. But I have to say, what with all the Oub children needing speech therapy at some pointover the reads, I've been considering shoring up my cash crisis by setting up as a bogus speech therapist myself... I could make a fortune

And, you can't imagine how delighted I am to hear that it is a Fiat 7 seater that you have, as it is a Fiat that we are picking up. This I think is 'a sign'. Oh yes. Who needs a mechanic and a warareentee when you have 'a sign'.

The Dead Acorn said...

"See above" ... I found that sarcasm is not always appreciated by teachers, but it's a great tool later in life. And I, too, tailored The Live Acorn's activities when she was younger based upon future earnings potential. She was the only one in 1st grade who could properly fill out a Power Ball lottery ticket.

Titus said...

Shit, just read the Dead Acorn. Must try that one.