Sunday, September 5, 2010

What D'Oub Did Next

D'Oub tired. D'Oub exhausted.

D'Oub is in a near coma.

I doubt there will be a poetry bus contribution this week.

Why so shattered?

Exhibit A

Electric Picnic

I was lucky enough to join my Poetry Diva sisters performing at Electric Picnic on Friday evening. We recited, and forever changed the face of modern poetry with our collective brilliance.

This is the tent we performed in - but that's not actually us. Unless five of us turned into one chick and a bloke with a guitar - that said, our poetry was so brilliant that we may have bent reality and altered the universe for a period.

Two blurry Divas

So, Saturday consisted of nothing much - apart from me going 'meep' alot and heading back to bed. The Picnic was just too much. When I bring my vision to the people, it takes me some time to regather my emotional energies.

Exhibit B


The poor Allotment hasn't been getting the attention it should - not due to lack of enthusiasm, more life getting in the bloody way. So, today was a big, drizzly, shout at the reluctant kids, fecking weeding, 'dammit are those rat bites on the courgettes?', duty day at the allotment.

The 'Lottie' about a week ago when the weeds had only conquered 95% of the known universe. It's a deceptive picture, as things don't look too bad. But don't be fooled. The weeds had donned their camouflage gear when they saw the camera come out. Bastards.

No picture of the place today, as we were too busy in hand to hand combat with the weeds. But thankfully we did actually get to harvest stuff! Potatoes! Mystery gourds! Puny garlic! Burly mange touts! Gnawed courgettes! A true bounty...

We then released the child slaves, and they ran wild. Feral chidren.

Exhibit C

D'Oub on the Radio!

I was also on the radio AGAIN today! Back, Back, BACK! By popular demand, poor old Various Cushions succumbed to the mass mailings and Internet campaign to feature moi once again. It's tough being this popular - exhausting even! - but hopefully I didn't let my many, many, many fans (hi mum!) down today with my oh so witty show. I am sure, if you were being held hostage today, shackled in an attic, gagged and sedated (the only reason you'd have missed the show of course) Ms Cushions will have it pod casted HERE real soon...

Exhibit D

D'Oub Shows She has No Sense At All...

So, reason four D'Oub is so tired these days and shouldn't really be be gallivanting to music festivals, and radio shows and vegetable allotments...

Well, D'Oub decided there just wasn't enough D'Oubiness to go round, so being the creative sort, she roped in Mr D'Oub (tmi) and as if the world wasn't over populated enough, is in the process of cooking another little D'Oub junior. God help us all.

There endeth the post.

Jeez, and now I feel even more tired.



Niamh B said...

You HAVE been busy
love how you captured the shiny legs on that diva... (aka moi)
great creativity going on all fronts


i'll get the podcast up tomorrow

Totalfeckineejit said...

Congarhermeralations !

Titus said...

Oh Gracious! I was pretty blown away by the first three, and then I had to lie down at number 4.

You're mad, girl! Congratulations!

Domestic Oub said...

Niamh - yes, was delightred the shiny leggings shone through!

TFE - thank you :)

Titus - Yes, completely mad!!!