Monday, January 31, 2011

Sleepy Bus

I'm on the bus. Sorta. Tried to follow Nanu's prompt. But promptly lost the file with my efforts :( Oh well. All down to sleep deprivation I fear. The tyranny of the baba in our midst. And anyway, every day here is a sleep deprived Ground Hog Day, so I would probably have failed the task anyway! And so, I decided that my offering might as well be on that theme...


Today was like the day before, the day before
I think
We sink beneath the waves of tired.
mired in those early days
of our needy nefarious newborn.
everything pared, shorn to the minimum,
to the sum total of her survival.
Ruthless in her suppression of the cabal
who agitate for sleep, for peace, for time
No crime on our part goes unpunished
We the rabble who do her bidding
grey skinned, eyes red rimmed with bleary,
hair triggered leery of the twitch,
or moan, or stir that signals her
dominion - no angel here a demon really
We so clear in our desperation to
be free of poo and wee to catch a z
or two
or three
But on it goes, shows no sign of ending
And tomorrow will be like the day before, the day before
I think.


Totalfeckineejit said...

Poor Oub! Lovely sleepy pome though, I likes!

Titus said...

Heart to you! I have a fabulous picutre of my husband on our bed changing one of them (they looked really alike then, or possibly I couldn't give a shit which one it was) and he looks like he's been awake for 2 weeks. Which he quite probably had. I can definitely remember not having the energy to wash, and odd hallucinations.
Loved these lines;
'grey skinned, eyes red rimmed with bleary,
hair triggered leery of the twitch,
or moan, or stir that signals her
and also my incredible anger at taking them out for a nice country walk in the double buggy to show them trees and stuff and they always fell asleep the second we left and woke up as soon as we got back. Oh, this is bringing back bad stuff...
It's lovely after about 18 months, Niamh, honest!

120 Socks said...

You should be keeping a diary girl! It would be a best seller!!!
The word verification for this by the way was 'nackest', must have meant nackered!

Domestic Oub said...

I'm currently hiding in the en suite with the iPod. She's crying again!! Sleep! Sleep!

Do you think if I curled up on the shower mat and went to sleep would Mr Oub notice??

Domestic Oub said...

Omg! She sleeps... But for how long??? Ok, I run to the land of nod now, to greedy grab some sleep.

I give it five minutes ...

Niamh B said...

fantastic - you should read this out when she brings home her first love interest!

Rachel Fox said...

To be so tired and still write something so good. Well done. Onwards!

Domestic Oub said...

Well - that sleep lasted about half an hour... sigh... but when she did fall asleep again, she didn't awake till 7.30!! That may have been four whole hours of sleep! I'll try not to get over excited..

Titus - twins, truly my worst are you still here to tell the tale??

Socks - I'm loving the word ver... its like, nackered, nackerered, nackest! I am definately the nackest person I know right now :)

Niamh - we are all lying, just looking for sympathy, don't worry. Baby's are as about much trouble as those goldfish of yours...

Rachel - Thank you :) And, I had to write it one handed as the little darling wouldn't let me put her down - oh, the challenges...

The Dead Acorn said...

This needs to be properly printed and framed, and placed in a prominent place where she can read it every day as she grows up. Guilt is one of the more powerful parenting tools.