Monday, January 10, 2011

Snoozing at the back of the Bus

Howdy all.

Baba Oub is a diva. Demand, demand, demand. No sleep for D'Oub!! How dare I even consider such a concept.

So, I've hopped on the Poetry Bus in a near catatonic state... This pome may be genius or poo, my poor brain is too mushy to work out which.

The option I chose from this weeks task was to write on the topic of revenge...

The Best Revenge

I'm living well, Oh, say it hurts
or have u forgotten me?
please pay attention.
it doesn't count if you
don't care.

look at how much I've got now
and how awfully nice it is.
Does this not make you sorry?
- am I not the biz?
You know you rather hurt me
really quite a lot
I remember it very clearly
(I was the one in blue - you know,
the girl who was really overwrought?)
So take notice of how much I've moved on
of how my life is oh so swell.
The scars are nicely healed now,
look closely, you can hardly tell.

So,let there be no misapprehension,
It would be too much to bear
I'm doing brilliantly without you
I'm just not sure it counts
if you really just don't care.


Niamh B said...

It still counts Oub! Deffo

120 Socks said...

Well I think you are swell, and I can really tell! So f**k anyone that doesn't, there's revenge for you. Tired, overwraught D'oub, if you need an army to hunt them down, just call!!! And I second Rachel, it is not poo. That is something that baby D'oub is doing a lot right now, and it is hard to keep the brain cells and everything else separate!!

Dick said...

Such pathos in that voice. Hopefully, on reflection the letter/billet-amer was never sent and instead she popped around to his and poured sulphuric acid all over the Aston-Martin!