Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I should be doing something else

I'm blogging as usual because I should be doing something else. Anything else. The baby is in her pyjamas still and it is 11 am. I, you'll be glad to hear, am dressed.

The TV is on - children's chirpy chirpy smiley smiley smack them all in the gob telly. We watch too much telly in this house. When I refused to put it on the other day, the baby checked the scart cables to see if that was why it wouldn't come on. I am serious. I was part proud. Part shamed.

So, here specifically is what I 'm avoiding

1) Dressing baby.
2) Writing my novel.

I have my Millionaire Authors Club meeting tonight. Its been about three weeks since we last met and I haven't written a word. And, yet, with the clock ticking Poe-like, I'm still not putting finger to keyboard. And I only have two chapters left of my epic boooook. You'd think I'd put everyone out of their misery and just finished the horrid thing.

But no, I procrastinate still.

Here's a haiku about my problem. But that said I'm feeling too lazy to even google the rules of haiku so its probably not really even a proper one. I could just call it a very short poem?

120,000 words
inertia seeps
no book deal for me.

Sigh. Even the telly is boring baby now - she's rolling on the floor humming to herself. Sorta like the mad polar bears in Dublin zoo who used to just walk up and down and up and down, swaying gently, insanely.

Okay. baby steps.

700 words before one o'clock. Break. Coffee, lunch etc. Pick up elder Oubliette spawn. 700 words while they chillax after their tough day at school. Feed and shout at the children till about 6pm. Then 700 words before 8 o'clock when I must depart for M.A.C. That would have the chapter finished.

I can do it!


Update: 1000 words done by 1 o'clock! We're ahead of schedule. Time for coffee.

Update 2: 1500 by dinner time...

Update 3: 2600 words by 8 o'clock! Hurrah! And chapter finished!


Colm Keegan said...

Do it!

Easier said than done though I know :)

Domestic Oub said...

You are right! It just has to be done. And I enjoy it when I knuckle down to it... Anyway, that's a 1000 more words than I had this morning...

beedlemama said...

God... am I bursting in on your novel writing? Guilt. Pah. Maybe a break is needed for a wee biscuit and cuppa....? see you in five.

Niamh B said...

Yay - great progress, just one more push!!!

Domestic Oub said...

Beedlemama - the break was my reward!

Niamh - that comment reminds me of a different time, and a lot of pain. And it was never just the one more push...

Matt Bolton said...

By the time you read this I hope you have done the required wordage. If not I will silently pour scorn, for a little while until I remember I haven't written anything either. I am sure you will be all right and get it done sooner rather than later.