Thursday, November 12, 2009

X-Factor and the meaning of life

Apparently Jeward went to the same school as the Oubliette boys.

The Oubliette boys are thrilled with this information as they are possibly the twins biggest fans. There are tense and difficult arguments in the Oubliette household about the merits of performance versus talent. The kids come down on the side of spectacle, I say, in the end, its got to be about the talent. And Mr Oubliette tears out what little hair is left, tears streaming down his face, wailing and gnashing of teeth begging not to be made watch any more of this rubbish.

Middle philosophical child has decided one thing though that we can all agree upon. He reckons Simon Cowell is unlikely to get into heaven.

The gospel message a few weeks ago - the old rich man, eye of a needle story - made a big impression on him. He felt torn recently when I told him Consultants, of the medical kind, make a lot of money. He thought about it for a while, then decided that as they spend their time helping people, even though they are paid lots of money, they may still get to their eternal reward.

Older, megalomaniac Oubliette son - ironically utterly corrupted by his communion money - has been noticeably silent on the topic.

Anyway, with this recession, there is little fear of this become a problem for the Oubliettes anytime soon.

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Niamh B said...

Still haven't witnessed the Jedwrds - I know they like water with their cereal instead of milk, have crazy haircuts, and came on in a car last week (thus stealing one of my poetry performance ideas directly from me)
I don't think I need to see them either.