Friday, January 28, 2011

Bolshie Babies

I respected my parents when I was a child. Well, okay, maybe 'feared' might be a better word. And adults as a whole received my full quota of respect and deference. Cause, like, that was how we were brought up.

Which gets me to thinking - where did it all go wrong with my own children?

Middle D'Oub child, 8, turned to his father a few days ago (I'm not sure exactly what my husband did to warrant this comment) and said to him 'You know Daddy, you're like Laurel and Hardy, only in one person.'

I'm guessing my howling with laughter at this didn't help with the whole respect and parental awe stuff.

And then what about T'Oub? We were at the paediatrician yesterday for Baby Oub(ver 2.0)'s six week check up. There were jigsaws there to amuse T'Oub. So, the doctor say down to write some info out for me. T'Oub, proffering the jigsaw, says to the doc 'Is it right?' Doctor begins to gently tell T'Oub that she has gotten one of the pieces wrong. But something in T'Oubs tone of voice stops her. T'Oub repeats 'Is it right?' and the doc looks over at me and says 'She knows it's wrong - She's testing me, isn't she!' and I say 'yes.' And shook my head. My toddler, 3, had made a deliberate mistake so she could check if the doctor knew her colours and shapes. Me at 3? I'd have been hiding under the table or something.


Where is the terror of elders which is a corner stone of a sane society? Why are my children so confident? Where am I going wrong?

All tips on how I can break my children's spirits gratefully received.


Rachel Fox said...

Sounds like you don't stand a chance.

120 Socks said...

Ah you are secretly megga proud! Go on admit it! The old doctor might have gone through med school, but they should still be tested. Laural & Hardy, now that is a bit cruel, but mother did laugh! I rest my case.

The Dead Acorn said...

I too am at a loss as to how children, after eons of viewing their parents with an almost holy reverence, became, within one generation, unruly smarty-pants who challenge everything you say and do.

On the plus side, an 8-year-old who references Laurel & Hardy is destined for great things.

Domestic Oub said...

Ok, am secretly a little proud of the scamps - but I just know they're going to land me and themselves in hot water one of these days.

DA - yes, middle child shows signs of greatness - we have high hopes... though these were shook a little today when he told us that his best bud was a cannibal. A fact his friend had told him and he happily swallowed (no pun intended :)

Niamh B said...

Ah the future's bright, your kids are great.