Thursday, May 28, 2009

Almost Communication

So, I found a collection of Rita Ann Higgins poetry on my book shelf this afternoon. No idea where it came from. Seeing as no one apart from my mother has picked up on the HINT that I can be bought poetry books as gifts, I can only presume I bought it myself. (Mother chose some Durcan for me.)

(Also, if I in fact borrowed this from you, please let me know. I have forgotten.)

So, while the baby yelled 'Mammy!!" from the cot, and the boys invented new ways to kill each other down stairs, I lay down on my bed, and had a little read.

I liked this one in particular...

Almost Communication

My father just passed me
in his Fiat 127
I was cycling my bicycle 'Hideous'.

They stopped at O'Meara's
for the Connacht Tribune.
As I passed I shouted
'road hog' in the window.

The occupants laughed.

Before this he owned
a Renault 12,
we called it
the 'Ballyhaunis cow killer'.

Later we meet outside the sister's,
'Wouldn't you think
he'd buy you a decent bike, the miser'.

'If he had your money,' I said
and we laughed.

The neighbours with their ears
to the rose bushes
think that we're great friends.

I haven't seen his eyes for years.


Colm Keegan said...

Powerful last line. I must check out her stuff.

Matt Bolton said...

That sums up a lot of family life.

Niamh B said...

Hiya - left you an award on my blog - hope you like