Monday, May 18, 2009

A long short list? Or just genius?

It turns out the postman hadn't been neglecting me. On the mat, upon my return this afternoon was a lovely thick envelope. A result, from a competition! Oh the delight! Short listed in the Malahide Library short story competition. I didn't win, but they sent me a book as a consolation prize. Think I actually own the book already, but hey, I can re-gift it and save myself a tenner. So, in reality they've sent me ten quid as a prize. That makes me significantly financially better off than I was this morning.

So, I texted my joy to my partner in rhyme (groan) Ms DramaQueen. Turns out that she'd been short listed too!

And of course, I'm delighted for her - and vice versa (I hope! :)

But we artiste are sensitive souls... the doubts began to creep in as our text messages pinged through the Lucan air... exactly how short was this short list...??? (She and I know we are phenomenally talented writers - a little too good for the general populace, hence the fact that we've been passed over a few times - but our immense talent keeps us warm at night... )

So, c'mon, who else out there is having their short list glow ruined by me right now?


Niamh B said...

not me, but then I didn't enter that one, nor am I at home, where no doubt the notifications of winning are piling high

Domestic Oub said...

Don't think you need to have entered this one to be on the short list...

(btw, why on earth are you online? honeymoon, no??)

Drama Queen said...

Having re-read our stories I can only conclude that there were no actual winners, just a short-list of two (maybe 3 because Various is so talented that she wouldn't actually have to submit a story to get a prize).
Maybe we should keep this achievement a secret, just between us two, whaddya think?

Drama Queen said...

And Niamh, sure what else would one be doing on honeymoon only checking your mail? I suppose one of your entertaining blogs is out of the question?

Niamh B said...

Domestic Oub - one word for you - multitasking. Also wanted to get your google analytics figures for Canada up.

And Drama Queen, yep - fraid so, just using a nice B&B owner's computer for a minute before she drives us to the local Spa for a few hours of R&R in the gorgeous canadian countryside.