Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Never Blog Angry

Bord Gais have charged us 800 euro for the last two months.

If I had blogged a couple of hours ago, it might have read:

Those B************d in Bord F-ing Gais have the f***ing nerve to f***ing charge us f***ing 800 euro for the last two b****ring months!


G*****ing Ht******** ST**********

(Last expletives made up out of sheer inability of existing swear words to convey the depth of my annoyance.)

But, after shouting at a poor girl in Customer Services, and then hanging up on her and then ringing back and talking nicely to another girl, I now feel much calmer. And hence the expletive free blog.

They still have my f***ing 800 euro though...


Niamh B said...

thieving thievers

Anonymous said...

Ours was over €500 - I heard himself yelping round the house and by the noise his feet were making on the floor I'm sure he was dancing in rage. There's a certain chill around the house since then - do you think he could have disconnected it - and attached his mouth to the pipe for a bit of a high? He does look a bit blue though. Maybe I should investigate.... DQ

Domestic Oub said...

Has he been questioning the metaphysical questions of our reality?

If yes, you're probbaly correct. Otherwise you might just have been cut off :)