Monday, April 13, 2009

Noodles and Nature.

So, seeing as Uiscebot totally stole my plan to run a poll on which writers out there moved house aged five, looks like I'm going to have to write about something else.


I could write about the delish meal the Oubliettes had out at Wagamama's today. It's the Oubliette family favourite restaurant, though Yo! Sushi is a close second. Even though I adore the food, I think the most pleasure I get from visiting there is watching my kids, who once would only eat sausages and waffles, tuck into Edamame, Gyoza and Udon noodles with gusto. They'll eat sushi too - though with the wasabi scrapped off!

But, I won't write about that, as methinks, only I am terribly interested in it.

What else has been happening since I posted last?

Ah, the budget.

But the less said there the better... Unless of course being starving writers will make us better writers. (Less trips to Wagamama's, boo hoo.)

Anything else on my mind?

What about the something blossom tree outside my window? It's so beautiful it certainly deserves a few lines. Unfortunately, I'm not sure what type of blossom tree it is... Its not Cherry Blossom - could it be an Apple Blossom tree, does such a thing exist? Does that mean apples?

The Something Blossom Tree

In bloom, the Something Blossom tree
Loitering at my gate, in no hurry.
Its downy fingers play a gentle scale of springtime.
A recital just for me.

Okay. That's going to have to do :)


Anonymous said...

Apple Blossom usually on Apple Tree - could mean Eaters or Cookers or Crab Apple - yummy, Crab Apple Jelly, horrendous to make but beautiful to eat!
Wot a lovely pome! Methinks Seamus Heaney may have to rest on his laurels.

Niamh B said...

So that's where Gusto got to, tell him to be at Aquafit practise in early June, I'll surely be back into it by then.