Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Waiting by the letterbox

Have a feeling I've won all the writing competitions I've entered recently. Those stories I sent off were just so fabulous there is simply no chance that I haven't swept the board. Mine, all mine.

No one appears to have told the postman this though. He stubbornly refuses to bring those letters of congratulations to my door. I am most cross with him.

Curse for the Postie

May your bicycle wheels be flat and your route be far
And may all the dogs fancy leg of postman tartar.

He has been warned.


Uiscebot said...

that'll show him. Doberman pincher = devil dog.

jamesml said...

Its obvious what happened. They have
taken your letters to the Newspapers, so you can receive the true praise that you crave...er ..I mean deserve.

Anonymous said...

I was paralysed by the beauty of your words, they enclosed the stories in the notification of winning, I'm just down the street crying to myself, wondering how the world ever survived without your brilliant work...


Ps - pls call the dogs off

Niamh B said...

I'm pretty sure you've won most of em - apart frm any that I've entered mself - our postie is the same guy I think

Anonymous said...

I'm new postie. Just took over new route. Had big heavy prize laden letter for nice lady but doberman bit my ass so had to run very fast. threw envelope over wall in Esker Meadows. Nice lady said Yippee and headed for Canada.
Being a postie is a wonderful job. You bring such joy to your customers!